Participate in a robot-building extravaganza!

RoboHacks is a robotics hackathon hosted by McGill Robotics at McGill University. 

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We welcome students from CÉGEP to post-graduate! Teams are highly encouraged, but the maximum team size is 6. 


You need to build a robot. A robot has the following qualities: 

  • Contains electrical, mechanical, and software components
  • Has some moving parts
  • Collects information about its environment in some way 
  • Responds to its environment in some way 


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Kristen Facciol
Operations engineer, Canadian Space Agency

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Dr. James Forbes
Professor, McGill University Faculty of Engineering

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Dr. David Meger
Professor, McGill University Department of Computer Science

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Marwan Kanaan
Lecturer, McGill Faculty of Engineering

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Bei Chen Liu
Electrical technician advisor, McGill Robotics

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Simon Silva-Da Cruz
Junior member of technical staff, MDA

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Duo Qian
Senior mechanical specialist, McGill Robotics

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Paul Albert-Lebrun
Director and founder, McGill Space Systems Group

Judging Criteria

  • Complexity
    Was your robot easy to make, with pre-made components, or did you put things together yourself?
  • Functionality
    Does your robot do the job that it is intended to do?
  • Integration of software/hardware/electrical
    Does your robot have an equal mixture of mechanical, electrical, and software components?
  • Originality
    Is your robot innovative, or is the design easy to think of?
  • Aesthetic
    Does your robot look clean and polished?